Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh, god...the pain...kill me now...

one would think that any cover of "the final countdown" would be inherently awesome enough to make up for any musical lapses,


before your brain explodes from the sheer badness of it all, here's some original-artist awesomeness in all of its big-hair glory:

brilliant mix tape idea (I think)...

... but I need your input to fill it out. The concept is: the most misguided attempt at a gettin'-it-on mix ever. As in, the songs are all about the topic of gettin' it on or persuading someone to get it on, but they are not actually the sort of songs that would ever put someone in the mood to get it on.

The only examples I have so far are Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch" (aka "that Discovery Channel song") and Jimmy Buffet's "Why Don't We Get Drunk" ("...and screw"). But I'm sure there are more. A possible addition is Flight of the Conchords' "Business Time," but I am hesitant there because 1) it is more intentionally ironic, insofar as it is trying very hard to be an unsexy parody of sexy music, and 2) as such it actually sounds kind of sexy if you blur your ears a bit and don't listen to the lyrics. Whereas the first two don't have a trace of the sexy sound, even though the lyrics are quite pro-gettin' it on.

Other suggestions?


It's ok, my level 12 Orc will protect me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

fairly certain this wasn't what erica was trying to post...

...but it's damn funny (assuming you've seen the films involved)--and sponsored by NBC, so not likely to be going anywhere.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"OMG television is back," or "I continue to [heart] Tina Fey"

political endorsements aside, this is hilarious. we missed you, tina! go back and keep writing episodes of "30 rock" -- the world needs you!

(also, watch this ASAP -- it's only a matter of time before NBC pulls the video)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

first post in february!

...and it's already the 21st. what's happening here, people?

I'll let you watch this while you ponder your next witty post :-)